1) Resources To Help You Learn CSS

  • Chris Bongers curated a list of 10 games to help you learn CSS Flexbox and Grid.

    I’m a huge gamer and I’ll jump at any chance to game and learn at the same time. I can give Flexbox Froggy and Flexbox Zombie my seal of approval because I’ve played and enjoyed them. I stopped playing the Flexbox games because I felt I understood the concept enough to build on my own.

    You can check out my work on CodePen.

  • If you want to learn everything about CSS, I recommend checking out CSS for JS Devs.

    The course super interactive and Josh Comeau is without a doubt a CSS wizard. Not convinced? Check out his top blog posts.

2) Resources To Help You Learn React

  • Fireship - I’m a huge fan of Fireship’s YouTube video. They’re short but packed with information. Check out this video on React. If you’re a fan of his style of teaching, then I recommend going through his full React course.
  • Tyler McGinnis - I haven’t taken his React courses, but I read amazing reviews on Reddit and doing a Google search. He’s also listed on the official React website as a recommended community course.
  • YouTube Videos - I recommend this video by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Maximilian has great courses on his website Academind and on Udemy.
  • My friend recommended this video by Programming with Mosh to me. I have not seen it yet, but I trust my friend’s judgment 😉.

3) Resources To Help You Learn JavaScript

  • FreeCodeCamp - It’s free and used by everyone to learn web development. What’s not to like?
  • Looking for a community to keep you accountable? Try out #100Devs. The community is super supportive and Leon’s Twitch streams are great.
  • Awesome JavaScript Learning - Who cares about my list of resources! Check out this comprehensive list of resources. There are other awesome lists too.

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