I’ve been practicing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for an hour every day for the past week.

It’s been fun. I create a Pen on CodePen and I build away. Sometimes, it’s something super simple because I don’t know what I’m doing. Other times, I get ambitious and build something more involved like a todo app.

It’s only been a week and I feel like I’ve grown so much.

I’m excited to see how much my abilities will grow in a month

I’m a firm believer in doing small things consistently over a long period of time.

Especially, when a guy like me doesn’t have a lot of free time, I need to make every second count. My goal with this is to become a proficient front-end developer. My entire career I’ve been working with back-end languages and development.

I want to polish my front-end skills so I can become a well-rounded full stack developer.

What I plan to do when I reach full stack developer status

First thing I want to do is re-design my personal website.

It’s basic and I didn’t create the theme. I want a website that’s designed with my creative touch. Something to make me stand out from the rest of the portfolio websites.

The next thing I want to do is launch products, and hopefully make a business out of it.

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